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    What is FEARLESS?

    Two years ago, we began a journey toward radical generosity entitled MOVE. God has challenged our understanding of generosity and called us to greater levels of giving. We are grateful for the sacrifice and commitment so many demonstrated during the MOVE initiative which allowed us to continue ministry, cover operating costs and build our new worship home.

    So now we are onto the next step in our journey of generosity - FEARLESS. FEARLESS is our two-year financial initiative to fund the ministries and reduce the long-term debt of Greentree Community Church.

    FEARLESS is also a prayer for our spiritual family as we dig deeper, branch out farther into the community around us, and continue to grow in generosity. We pray that God will lead us and help us face and overcome any obstacles on this journey. We recognize that many of those obstacles are rooted in fear, so we are trusting God to help us FEAR LESS.


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    What is the One Fund?

    At Greentree Community Church, our generous giving goes to a single fund from which all of our ministry,
    operational and debt reduction expenses will be paid. During the FEARLESS initiative we will make a two-year financial commitment so that we are financially freed up to expand the depth and breadth of our impact for the Gospel in our community and beyond.

    We are all agreeing to invest generously in God’s kingdom and in our mission to know Jesus Christ, to serve Him in joyful obedience, and to make Him known by growing disciples, planting churches and renewing communities. May God empower us to FEAR LESS and to love, give and serve more.


    HEARTS (operations & discipleship)    $4,075,000                                          
    HOME (long term dept reduction)    $2,100,000
    BEYOND (missions & church planting)    $   525,000
    TOTAL    $6,700,000
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    What Are the Goals for FEARLESS?

    The three areas below represent the ministry made possible by our generous giving over two years (December 2015 – November 2017).

    • Resource staff and current ministries to make and care for disciples
    • Provide opportunities for growth and life change through worship, teaching, service and studying God’s Word 
    • Continue to invest in the next generation through our growing Children and Student ministries


    • Continue to develop our worship and ministry home so that it is a resource and gathering place for our community 
    • Reduce the amount of long-term debt incurred during construction at 100 Kirkwood Place so that more funds are freed up for ministry opportunities


    • Care for and invest in our community by serving those around us and by providing safe and engaging environments for people to learn about Jesus Christ
    • Provide financial support and resources to people, communities and organizations in need 
    • Strategically extend the reach of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through missions and church planting


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    Join Us on This Journey


    First and foremost we are asking you to continue seeking God’s face and direction through prayer for yourself and for our church. We are asking God to reveal to us what stands in our way ... what are we afraid of? ... and trust Him to lead us into deeper faith, so that we fear less. The goals for FEARLESS are beyond our own abilities, resources, talents and imagination. Together let us rely on God, trusting Him to change hearts, open doors and make things happen in a way that only He can. Prepare your heart to hear from Him, and ask for His wisdom, His courage and His direction every step of the way.


    Reading and memorizing scripture about God’s character, along with the Sunday morning messages, will be an opportunity to allow God to use His Word to shape our hearts and minds and replace our fears with courage, faith and trust. Each week we will look together at stories in the book and video series called I LIKE GIVING that will continue to challenge us to live in radical generosity. Discuss what you are learning with your family and friends. What MORE would you do if you FEARED LESS?


    To accomplish the FEARLESS goals, we will need to recommit ourselves to being open to God’s leading and teaching about generosity and continue giving to reach our goal of $6.7 million. We ask every Christ-follower at Greentree to make a financial pledge toward our mission to know Jesus Christ and serve Him in joyful obedience by making disciples, planting churches and renewing communities. Offer your gifts. Invest your time. Use your influence with others to encourage devotion to God’s church.