Houston Flood Recovery

One of our sister EPC churches, Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church (CEPC), is at the center of the recovery work in Houston, Texas. Pastor Richard Harris is a good friend and a strong pastoral leader in the greater Houston area. He and his congregation are preparing for at least a year's worth of work.

Christian relief organization Samaritan's Purse will be sending teams into Houston every week to aid in flood recovery. These groups of 50-100 volunteers will be housed and fed at CEPC, which has agreed to provide support with meal preparation, laundry, transportation and anything else needed to help the teams working in the field. This is a tremendous commitment, and they will need help. There are two ways that you can get involved.

Their greatest and most immediate need is funding. Providing these services and support will be costly. You can contribute to their work by giving online through Engage and choosing the designation option "Donations: Disaster Relief" in the drop-down box under gift amount. For instructions on giving online through Engage, please go to greentreechurch.com/give. You can also give by check on Sunday morning or at the church office during the week. Be sure to write "disaster relief" on the memo line. We will collect donations for the next four weeks and send them directly to CEPC. 100% of every dollar given will support the relief work at CEPC, avoiding overhead costs frequently associated with relief organizations.

Second, the congregation of CEPC will need a break this fall or early winter. We will remain in close contact with them so that when the need arises we can send people to join the relief effort and give the folks at CEPC some rest. We will update you as these plans develop.

Thank you to so many of you who have been asking how we can help. I am grateful for the spirit of giving within Greentree. Please join me in continued prayer for those dealing with the devastation caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.