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    Affordable Christmas

    Affordable Christmas provides an opportunity for community renewal by building relationships and offering an affordable, dignified and enjoyable shopping experience for those who are in financial need. There is often joy in being able to choose and pay for a gift for someone we love. 

    Stocking the Affordable Christmas store will be a yearlong process. To ensure we have a broad inventory of items available in the store, we will focus on one gift category each month, offering suggestions of what to purchase. However, you are not bound by the schedule. For example, if you see a good deal on a board game during sports equipment month, please feel free to buy it and donate it! We appreciate your cooperation in donating new gifts not used.
    January to March - warm clothes, coats and boots
    April - books and games
    May - sports equipment
    June - toys
    July - arts and crafts
    August - gift cards
    September - Kirkwood apparel
    October - electronics
    Thank you for helping to make this a success! Donations can be brought to church anytime.
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    20:28 Serve Our City


    What is 20:28?

    Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many. 
    Matthew 20:28

    This is one of our annual ministry highlights because we have the opportunity to serve our neighbors, the community of Kirkwood, and the greater St. Louis area. Below are just a few of the many opportunities we have had to share Christ’s love with others:

    • Makeover an apartment for a family coming out of an abused situation
    • Planting flowers in front of the Kirkwood Police Station
    • Painting several rooms in a foster home
    • Serving lunch to the homeless

    On Saturday morning, June 16, friends and family will gather for prayer and then disperse throughout the St. Louis area to serve our community. 

    To learn more about the day's service opportunities, click here


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    Harvest Party

    On the Thursday before Halloween, in conjunction with the Kirkwood Halloween Walk, the Greentree family welcomes Kirkwood and surrounding communities for family-friendly games, entertainment, hot dogs, hot chocolate and lots of candy.


    Jennifer Allen, Director of Community Connections, at 314.909.9197 x106

    Beth Bohlmann, Director of Children’s Ministry, at 314.909.9197 x1010

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    Meal A Month (Kirk Care)

    Kirk Care is an inter-denominational charitable organization in Kirkwood that provides emergency short-term assistance to those in need of food, shelter and utility bill payments within the Kirkwood R-7 School District.  

    Each month Greentree provides bags with food lists attached that you can fill with needed food items. The bags may be picked up and returned to our offices or on a Sunday morning. We then take the food to the Kirk Care food pantry.

    Contact: 314.965.0406


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    All Among Us - Homeless/Single Mom Ministry

    The goal of All Among Us is to build relationships with the poor and reduce their social isolation by gathering, purchasing, and distributing food, clothing, and personal items to the chronically homeless, single moms, and children.  

    Serving Opportunities


    • Serve the homeless on Saturday mornings.  Trunks are packed with what is needed for that week, depending on weather, new folks on the street, and what has specifically been requested, and provided.
    • Community groups, student ministries, and families can collect needed items provide ‘snack bags’ to include crackers, water, granola, pens, and paper or backpacks with socks, canned food, clippers, hand sanitizer, lotion, and lip balm.  Other items such as towels, blankets, old camping equipment, pots and pans are needed.   Parents can collect items with their children from around their homes such as towels, blankets, old camping equipment, extra pots and pans, and personal items.  This is of no cost to the families.

    Single Moms

    • Supplying gifts for the Single Mom Blessing Boxes is a great activity for women’s groups and families


    Cathryn Shaw, 314.560.4895

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    Jubilee Services

    Jubilee Services is a professional service company, passionate about serving their customers, with a social mission – transform lives using work as a classroom to set high standards for personal performance. They have a triple bottom line – financial, social, spiritual. Jubilee's income is used to train and equip men to do the right thing for themselves, their families, church and communities. They operate on the “ladder” principle: As each man reaches up for the next rung of success they reach behind themselves and help the next man up.  Through their Life Bridge Academy, participants learn more about their commitment to building its community by addressing the missing link in the inner cities – men who stand up to their responsibilities to God, self, family, Church and community.

    Serving Opportunities


    • Biblical examples of character, manhood
    • Positive work behaviors
    • Technical skills in carpentry,painting, landscaping

    • Creating new business enterprises for Jubilee Services
    • Making connections to existing business where we can bring our participants and training into their business
    • Be the champion of Jubilee painting and landscaping services in your Church and neighborhood encouraging your contacts to use Jubilee Services and our partner companies
    • Mentors
    • Business leaders          
    • Share best practices
    • Hire Jubilee workers


    Drew Smith, 314.496.8700
    Scott Holley, 314.650.8993  


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    Sun Ministries

    Sun Ministries is recruiting, training, and relocating missionaries to America. Their work includes leadership training, personal empowerment, discipleship training, and organizing people to pray and fast together to bring renewal to America's inner cities.  Here in St. Louis, we have the Isaiah 61 initiative which is the expression of our inner city work and it is taking place in North St. Louis, Missouri. Sun Ministries' efforts here are defining the concept of pastoring the community and empowering residents.

    Serving Opportunities

    Maintenance on the properties that Sun is working on:

    • Pick up trash, leaves and debris
    • Cut grass
    • Preparing homes for restoration, to include clearing out the old interior
    • Interior finishing, drywall, painting, finishing in general.
    • Skill training, ie roofing, tuck pointing etc so they can do the work themselves
    • Donate items to furnish the homes, to include cabinets, appliances, etc


    Terry Goodwin, 636.544.2151