Music & Arts

  • Chip Demetri

    Chip Demetri

    Worship Arts Director

    Lead Worshipper.   Team Leader.   Musician.   Teacher.  
    Connoisseur of Creativity.    Husband.    Father of Boys.  
    Pirate Monk.    Coffee Snob.    Collector.    Restorer.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Castlewood Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Dewey’s Pizza

    314.909.9197 x1015

  • Peggy Demetri

    Peggy Demetri

    Coordinator of Communications and Arts

    Optimist.   Communicator.   Reader.   Journeyer.  
    Wife.   Mom of 3 boys.   Friend.  
    Loud Laughter.   Spark Plug.   Podcast Listener.   Musician Lover.  
    Joyfully Grateful.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Castlewood State Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Grant’s Trail

    314.909.9197 x1002

  • Greg Dodson

    Greg Dodson

    Technical Director

    Guitarist.   Audio Engineer.  Music Production.  Huge Blues/Cardinals fan.  
    Athletic.  Hilarious.  Responsible.  Honest.
    Hanging out with my girlfriend Laura and her son Dayne.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Golfing in Forest Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: My Grandpa's House on 4th of July