Thanks for visiting Greentree Community Church! We hope you will spend some time with us and discover the following about our church family:

  • Greentree is made up of all types of people from many walks of life: men and women, young and old, skeptics and believers, families and individuals.
  • Our goal is to provide our congregation with the opportunity to authentically engage with biblical truth against the backdrop of the real human condition.
  • Together we find opportunities to laugh, cry, study, play, worship and work side by side as we follow Jesus.
  • We believe that God is both compassionate and merciful to ordinary people like us and that we can know him intimately.

Please make yourself at home; ask questions or just hang out and observe for a while. Our hope is that God will meet you in this place and that we can in some small way be instrumental in your relationship with him!

Dr. Tom Ricks, Lead Pastor