• Dr. Tom Ricks

    Dr. Tom Ricks

    Lead Pastor

    Creating Pathways to Share the Gospel.  
    Cindy's Husband.   Nate, Katie & Jordan's Dad.  
    Like Hockey, Golf, History and French Bordeaux's.   Dislike Low 40's & Drizzle.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Blues’ game

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Spencer’s Grill

    314.909.9197 x1007

  • Mallory Alpert

    Mallory Alpert

    Associate Director of Student Ministries

    Shepherd.  Story-teller. Discipler. Wonderer.
    Former Camp Coordinator. Sister. Daughter.
    Outdoor Adventurer.  Improv-lover.  
    Soft-Pretzel Fanatic. Dependent on Grace. In His Making.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Art Hill

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Tropical Moose and the Farmer's Market

    314.909.9197 x1005

  • Beth Bohlmann

    Beth Bohlmann

    Director of Children’s Ministry

    Teacher.   Leader.   Bridge.  
    Cares for People.   Chef.   Beloved Daughter.   Glue.   Learner.


  • Sean  Boone

    Sean Boone

    Church Planter - Ferguson, MO

    Exciting details coming soon!

  • Peggy Demetri

    Peggy Demetri

    Director of Women's Ministry

    Optimist.   Communicator.   Reader.   Journeyer.  
    Wife.   Mom of 3 boys.   Friend.  
    Loud Laughter.   Spark Plug.   Podcast Listener.   Musician Lover.  
    Joyfully Grateful.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Castlewood State Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Grant’s Trail

    314.909.9197 x1002

  • Greg Dodson

    Greg Dodson

    Technical Director

    Guitarist.   Audio Engineer.  Music Production.  Huge Blues/Cardinals fan.  
    Athletic.  Hilarious.  Responsible.  Honest.
    Hanging out with my girlfriend Laura and her son Dayne.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Golfing in Forest Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: My Grandpa's House on 4th of July

  • Dr. Corbett  Heimburger

    Dr. Corbett Heimburger

    Associate Pastor for Care

    Awed. Seeker. God Lover.

    Broken. Grace Awakened. Being Restored.

    Happy Husband. Delighted Dad. Glowing Grandpa.

    Ground Breaker. Peace Pursuer. Care Giver.

    Fantasy Fiction Fanatic. Movie Maniac. Golden Retriever Groupie.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Busch Stadium

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: My home in Kirkwood!

    314.909.9197 x1031

  • Tammy Higgins

    Tammy Higgins

    Associate Director of Elementary Ministry

    Singing. Dancing. Smiling. Laughing. Playing. Welcoming. Volunteering. Praying. 
    Daughter. Sister. Auntie. Wife. Mom to five.
    Blown away by His grace

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Castlewood Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: My home!

  • Taylor Kuiper

    Taylor Kuiper

    Business Manager

    Listener. Cheerleader. Organizer. Party planner.

    Former tax accountant.

    Wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

    Loyal. Loving. Led by Him.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: The Muny

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Kirkwood Station Plaza

    314.909.9197 x1014

  • Elizabeth McKittrick

    Elizabeth McKittrick

    Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

    Open. Organized. Optimistic. Hopeful. Loyal.  

    Former Administrative Coordinator for a nonprofit.

    Daughter. Sister to three awesome siblings.

    Runner. Listener. Excited about Scripture. Awestruck.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Forest Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Kirkwood Farmer's Market

  • Diana Rohlfing

    Diana Rohlfing

    Administrative Assistant to Lead Pastor, Student and Children’s Ministries

    Organizer.   Calendar Keeper.   Cheerleader.   Office Mom.   17 Year GTCC Member.  
    Rule Follower.   Former Stay-at-Home Mom and Professional Volunteer.  
    Wife of 30 years.   Mom of Three Grown Sons.  
    Empty Nester.   Scrapbooker.   Teacher.   Mentor.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Creve Coeur Lake

    314.909.9197 x1007

  • Diana Simonpietri

    Diana Simonpietri

    Director of Congregational Life

    Welcomer.   Encourager.   Recruiter.   Trainer.  
    Nana.   Mom.   Sister.   Daughter.  
    Scrapbooker.   Pond Enthusiast.  
    Loves: Wiener Dogs.   Travel.   Adventure.   Life.  

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Botanical Gardens

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Eating outdoors at Kirkwood Station Plaza

    314.909.9197 x1008

  • Eric Van Zee

    Eric Van Zee

    Associate Pastor of Family Ministries

    Soul Adventurer.   Relational.   A Work in Progress.   Designer / Director.  
    Fiercely Broken-Hearted.   Jesus Follower.  
    Fun Seeker.   Discipler.   Learner.   Third Culture Kid.      
    Son.   Brother.   Father of 3.    Husband of 1.
    Recipient of Undeserved Favor.

    314.909.9197 x1006

  • Josef Lawler

    Josef Lawler

  • Wes Randle