Greentree Community Church's mission statement has three practical components: Grow Disciples, Renew Communities and Plant Churches. Church Planting is simply a term that means beginning a new church in an area, town or city. From our earliest days as a new church plant, we have been intentional about planting other new churches in St. Louis, Missouri and beyond. As our name says, community is a big part of our identity and our goal has been to begin other churches that will place a high value on impacting their immediate surroundings with the gospel of Jesus. Over 17 years, we have been a part of planting:

  • The Crossing in Columbia, Missouri with pastors Dave Cover and Keith Simon (2001)
  • Riverside Church in Webster Groves, Missouri with pastor Scott Sauls; the current pastor is Zack Eswine (2004)
  • City Church in the Lafayette Square neighborhood of downtown St. Louis with pastors Mike Werkheiser (still serving as pastor) and Phil Woods (2009)
  • Our latest church plant, River City, launched in February 2017 in St. Charles County under the leadership of Pastor Brian Roskin

We have also invested heavily in the All Souls Church of Boulder plant in Colorado and our lead pastor Tom Ricks is responsible for directing church planting in our denomination, Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

What does it take to plant a new church?

  • A target area that is void of significant church presence (church congregations in the US are actually shrinking, not growing)
  • A core group of committed members who will live in the target area and take significant leadership responsibility for beginning the new church
  • A church planting pastor who has been trained in new church development and has been approved by our denomination for church planting
  • A significant financial investment on the part of the parent church. Greentree Community Church has invested well over $1,000,000 in starting these new churches over the years. 

We are grateful that God has given church planting as part of the vision of Greentree Community Church.