Discover Greentree Membership Class

Every Sunday, from 08/25/2019 to 09/15/2019, 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Location Greentree Community Church - L020

Contact Daryl Madi, 314.909.9197 x1004 or,

At Greentree, we think of ourselves as a “spiritual family.” Members of a family share common beliefs, purpose and a commitment to one another. It’s also a place where it is safe to be yourself, and a place where you are known, needed, loved and cared for. That is exactly our desire for those who become members of our spiritual family. Becoming an official member of our congregation, rather than simply a part of the audience, brings a sense of ownership and belonging. Greentree becomes not “the church,” but “my church.” Membership includes other rewards and also responsibilities on your part.  Attending the Membership Class is a great way to learn about Greentree AND to get to know other people new to Greentree. There is no obligation to join just because you attend the class.

If you would like to attend this class, please contact Diana Simonpietri at  or 314-909-9197 ext. 1008

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