• Diana Simonpietri

    Diana Simonpietri

    Coordinator of Discipleship & Pastoral Assistant

    Welcomer.   Encourager.   Recruiter.   Trainer.  
    Nana.   Mom.   Sister.   Daughter.  
    Scrapbooker.   Pond Enthusiast.  
    Loves: Wiener Dogs.   Travel.   Adventure.   Life.  

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Botanical Gardens

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Eating outdoors at Kirkwood Station Plaza

    314.909.9197 x1008

  • Daryl Madi

    Daryl Madi

    Associate Pastor of Discipleship and Care

    Husband, Father, Pastor

    Tolkien Geek, Movie Buff, Closeted Artist

    Lover of People, Grateful for Mercy

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Laumeier Sculpture Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: The Magic House

    314.909.9197 x1004

  • Dr. Corbett  Heimburger

    Dr. Corbett Heimburger

    Assistant Pastor for Care (part-time)

    Awed. Seeker. God Lover.

    Broken. Grace Awakened. Being Restored.

    Happy Husband. Delighted Dad. Glowing Grandpa.

    Ground Breaker. Peace Pursuer. Care Giver.

    Fantasy Fiction Fanatic. Movie Maniac. Golden Retriever Groupie.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Busch Stadium

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: The home we hope to find!

    314.909.9197 x1031

  • Ali Moss