Communication Arts

  • Mindy Owens

    Mindy Owens

    Director of Communications

    Listen.   Learn.   Discern.   Lover of God's Word and Honesty.  
    Former Programmer / Analyst.  
    Sexy and Fun Husband.   2 Beautiful Daughters.   Gift of Friendship.  
    Beating Tom and Jeremy.   Wonderful World of Sports.  
    Fireplace, a Book and Warm Drink.   Furry Animals.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Busch Stadium

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Kirkwood Farmer’s Market

    314.909.9197 x1003

  • Javier Malave

    Javier Malave

    Creative and Technical Arts Assistant

    Christ Follower.  Missionary.  Husband.  Father. 

    Community Builder.  Missional Community Coach.

      Content Creator.  Videographer.  Photographer. 

    Music Lover.  TV Watcher.  Documentary Junkie.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Art Museum

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Magic House