Music & Arts

  • Chip Demetri

    Chip Demetri

    Assistant Director of Music

    Lead Worshipper.   Team Leader.   Musician.   Teacher.  
    Connoisseur of Creativity.    Husband.    Father of Boys.  
    Pirate Monk.    Coffee Snob.    Collector.    Restorer.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Castlewood Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Dewey’s Pizza

    314.909.9197 x1015

  • Greg Dodson

    Greg Dodson

    Technical Director

    Guitarist.   Audio Engineer.  Music Production.  Huge Blues/Cardinals fan.  
    Athletic.  Hilarious.  Responsible.  Honest.
    Hanging out with my girlfriend Laura and her son Dayne.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Golfing in Forest Park

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: My Grandpa's House on 4th of July

  • Javier Malave

    Javier Malave

    Creative and Technical Arts Assistant

    Christ Follower.  Missionary.  Husband.  Father. 

    Community Builder.  Missional Community Coach.

      Content Creator.  Videographer.  Photographer. 

    Music Lover.  TV Watcher.  Documentary Junkie.

    Favorite St. Louis Spot: Art Museum

    Favorite Kirkwood Spot: Magic House